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Spinella & Associates has a history of forming co-counsel relationships with other lawyers.

These relationships have arisen for many reasons, such as when an out-of-state firm is looking for local counsel, or when an area firm is in need of strategic assistance due to inexperience in a particular area, or a lack of resources to litigate a matter on their own.

We have worked with dozens of CT law firms in co-counsel relationships over the years, particularly in the area of civil rights, criminal defense, and complex civil matters of many kinds. These relationships can take many forms depending on the case and the particular need, from offering strategic advice in how to manage and initiate a complex class action case; sitting as co-counsel in a serious criminal case in order to prepare the case for a possible appeal; and conducting the trial of a police misconduct claim.

Team-building is an essential component of a successful litigation strategy. Whether you are an inexperienced lawyer, or an experienced lawyer seeking to serve your clients when their needs are outside of your area of practice, we can help in managing, strategizing, or handling your case. We encourage you to contact our office to discuss how we can help you and your client.

Similarly, if you are represented by a lawyer who needs help in handling your case we are willing to discuss working with him. If your lawyer could benefit from our assistance, please have him call us right away.

To learn more about whether Spinella & Associates can help you with your case, call us at (860) 728-4900.